If you're looking for a unique gift for a plant enthusiast, look no further than terrariums. From tabletop boxes and glass domes to hanging planters and even a wearable set, terrariums are an easy way to bring greenery into any home. 

Plus, there's something extraordinary about watching plants thrive under someone's care that makes these gifts even more meaningful. So if you're ready to find and buy the perfect gift for your favorite plant enthusiast, check out our list of 10 terrarium gifts you'll love!


Here are a few gift ideas that will bring joy to the special plant enthusiast in your life:

Glass Terrarium With Air Plants

three glass terrarium gifts with gold edges on white table

Glass terrariums are the perfect gift to bring a bit of nature inside. They add a touch of style and subtle beauty that is hard to beat. Air plants thrive in these glass containers and, with proper care, will last for years.

Unlike potting soil-based plants, the best part is that air plants generally require much less maintenance, making them great gifts even for kids or those who don't consider themselves having a green thumb. Plus, they look great on a windowsill or desk.

Choose from an array of our glass terrarium arrangements, which include quality gift succulents that require minimal maintenance. In addition, our gift terrariums come in various sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your favorite plant enthusiast.

Seasonal Tabletop Terrarium Kits

Fall Terrarium Kit

Winter Terrarium Kit

Spooky Terrarium Kit

Inspirational Terrarium Kit

Are you stressed about looking for the perfect holiday gift? You should consider our seasonal tabletop terrarium kits as gifts. These kits come complete with everything you need to create a beautiful and unique terrarium that your plant-loving friend or family member is sure to enjoy.

Our terrarium kit includes a glass bowl terrarium, assorted succulents, potting soil, planting tweezers, straws, a planting tray stand, and other themed decorative elements.

We have succulent terrarium kits for fall and winter, so you can give kit gifts that celebrate the season. There's also a spooky terrarium kit that's perfect for Halloween. It has spooky spiders and a cute mini faux pumpkin to liven up the terrarium.


Miniature Fairy Garden Terrarium


For a more whimsical gift, consider a miniature fairy garden terrarium. This terrarium type is the perfect way to bring enchantment into someone's home or office. 

These terrariums come in all shapes and sizes and usually contain tiny houses, bridges, ponds, and other accessories, as well as various low-maintenance plants. This terrarium would be great gifts for all ages and children who love fantasy worlds.


Farmhouse Terrarium Arrangement

glass terrarium with farmhouse theme


A farmhouse terrarium arrangement is one of the best gifts for any home because of its versatility. It can display succulent plants, cacti, miniature roses, and other ornaments.

Our terrarium kit features a mango wood base and a glass top to blend nicely with any décor. It comes with one 4" succulent and three 2.5" succulents, each one a unique part of your arrangement. This terrarium is perfect for any plant enthusiast looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their home.


Bonsai Tree In A Jar Terrarium Gift Set  


Growing miniature trees has been an art form in Asia since the 17th century. If you think your loved one would enjoy this hobby, give them a bonsai tree in a jar terrarium gift set.

The terrarium kit includes everything they need to get started – soil, pebbles, seeds, and a glass jar with an airtight lid that provides the perfect environment for growing their little bonsai tree. Then, with regular care and attention, they can watch the tiny sapling grow from their kit into a beautiful miniature version of its full-size parent plant. 


Moss Ball Terrarium With Figurines & LED Lights

glass bowl terrarium with led lights and figurines

Source: Sacred Plant CO

One of the simplest and most beautiful terrarium sets you can gift is a moss ball terrarium. This stunning glass sphere features single or multiple layers of lush green moss, giving it an eye-catching display for any room. 

In addition, it's incredibly low maintenance – all it needs is indirect light and occasional misting – making it an ideal gift for even the busiest people! To customize your terrarium, you can add stones, twigs, figurines, and other decorative elements.


Vintage-Style Glass Dome Cloche Terrarium

glass dome terrarium vintage design

Source: The Green Head

For a Beauty and the Beast-esque gift, opt for a vintage-style glass dome cloche terrarium. This unique piece looks stunning on any shelf or table, and its enclosed design helps keep moisture and humidity levels ideal for the plants inside. 

Plus, these gifts are an easy way to add a touch of rustic charm to any room in the house. With various sizes available and plenty of plants, you can create a magical, personalized terrarium your plant lover friend will surely appreciate.


Geometric Wall Hanging Planter Terrarium

geometric design glass terrarium hanging wall

Source: NCYP Garden

This terrarium is perfect for any plant enthusiast looking to add style and sophistication to their space. These gifts will make an eye-catching statement whether hanging on the wall or perched atop a shelf. They come with a clear glass bowl that allows light in and keeps water and soil from spilling out at the same time.

Some gifts have an open top to customize the space with different plants. This terrarium is the perfect gift for any plant enthusiast looking to add a touch of elegance and green style to their home.


Tropical Closed Terrarium

closed glass jar terrarium with tropical design

Source: Almanac

Enjoy a slice of tropical paradise right in your home with the purchase of a tropical closed terrarium. It comes with tropical plants that can help you recreate the lush green of a rainforest. 

The terrarium is designed to be self-sustaining and requires minimal maintenance, making it one of the best gifts for those who don't have a lot of time or patience. It also comes with accessories like succulents, river rocks, and decorative moss that help bring your terrarium to life.


Terrarium Necklace And Earring Set

small glass terrarium designed for necklace and earrings set

Source: Etsy

For the ultimate plant enthusiast, you can gift them a terrarium necklace and earring set. These gifts feature miniature glass terrariums filled with succulents, mosses, and other small plants. The necklace is suspended from a decorative chain, while the earrings are set in brass. This gift is ideal for someone who loves to show off their love of nature through fashion.


Grow Their Plant Passion with These Gift Ideas

Terrariums bring the beauty of nature into your home and provide a unique way to express yourself. Whether you're looking for gifts for an avid gardener or want to surprise someone with unique gifts, these 10 terrariums make perfect gifts for plant enthusiasts.

From classic hanging glass bowls to modern geometric terrariums and succulent arrangements, each gift will help cultivate their appreciation of mother nature and bring joy to any space. So don't wait — pick a gift today and show your love for plants, gardens and the people who tend them.