The best teacher appreciation gifts for teacher appreciation week show gratitude for your teacher’s hard work and dedication to their profession, making elementary school teachers and educators at all levels feel truly valued.

Whether you are looking for something thoughtful and unique without breaking the bank or aiming to make a grand gesture, I’ve curated a list of options for every budget.


Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $10 

Each of these gifts under $10 is a testament to the thoughtfulness behind the gesture, proving that showing appreciation doesn't have to come with a high price tag.

Including a handwritten note with any gift, even as simple as school supplies that teachers often buy with their own money, turns it into a thoughtful gift.


Silent Night Notepad

The Silent Night Notepad’s compact size makes it an ideal companion for busy educators on the move, as well as teachers who enjoy jotting down notes, reminders, or inspirational quotes.


Hydrangea Pocket Notebook

This beautifully designed notebook is not just a place for writing; it's a source of inspiration. Its vibrant cover and portable size make it a great pick for teachers to carry whenever inspiration strikes.


White Striped Bow Pen

Perfect for teachers who appreciate a touch of sophistication in their daily tasks, the White Striped Bow Pen writes smoothly and reminds them of your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

These decadent treats offer the perfect balance of sweet and salty, making them an irresistible pick-me-up during a busy school day. Packaged in a way that's easy to share or enjoy solo, they're a thoughtful way to sweeten a teacher's day.


Thoughtful and Functional Gifts Under $20

With a budget of under $20, you can find unique teacher gift ideas that blend functionality with thoughtfulness, like personalized stationery for jotting down lesson plans or handwritten notes, enhancing your favorite teacher’s desk or personal space.


Bold Stripe Desktop Notepad

The Bold Stripe Desktop Notepad is for teachers who appreciate the value of jotting down important notes and deadlines. The bold stripes are visually appealing and add a modern touch to any desk setup.


New Day Deskpad

The New Day Deskpad is an ideal gift for teachers looking to brighten their workspace and organize their tasks. The deskpad offers ample space for planning, making it easier for teachers to outline their week, track appointments, and keep reminders close at hand. 


Grey Kendall Pot

Adding a bit of green to a teacher's workspace can significantly enhance their environment, and the Grey Kendall Pot is perfect for this purpose. Its sleek, modern design fits well in any classroom or home office, making it an ideal holder for a small plant or succulent.


Sunset Art Print

The Sunset Art Print is a beautiful addition to any classroom or office, offering tranquility and inspiration. This print comes ready to frame or hang, making it easy for teachers to enhance their environment and enjoy a beautiful sunset, no matter where they are.


Inspirational Thank You Notecards

These cards allow students, parents, and colleagues to share personalized messages with teachers, making them feel valued and appreciated. The notecards are perfect for end-of-year thanks, special occasions, or simply to show appreciation. 


Gifts Under $30: Discover Unique Finds

Draft Little Women Coffee Mug

For the literature-loving teacher, the Draft Little Women Coffee Mug is a great gift, more than just a vessel for their morning coffee or afternoon tea. Pair it with a printable gift card holder for a fun way to present a gift card, making it one of the best teacher appreciation gifts.


Weekly Affirmation Card Set

Teachers can begin every week on a positive note with the Weekly Affirmation Card Set. This collection of beautifully designed cards allows you to write messages to inspire teachers and help them start their week with positivity. 


Colorway Pot

Brighten up a teacher's plant collection with the Colorway Pot. This vibrant and stylish pot is perfect for adding color to any classroom or home office. Its eye-catching design can accommodate various plant sizes, making it a versatile choice for teachers who enjoy bringing a bit of nature indoors.


Curated Gift Boxes Under $40

If you’re looking to keep your teacher appreciation gift under $40, curated gift boxes are thoughtful compilations. These cater to various aspects of a teacher's life, from their love for plants and coffee to their need for encouragement and recognition.


Personalized Helping Me Grow Gift Box

The Personalized Helping Me Grow Gift Box provides everything needed for planting the succulent, including potting soil, decorative rock toppings, and step-by-step instructions. Additionally, the box features a laser-etched wooden greeting card with a stand, measuring 4" x 6", serving as a memorable keepsake.


Globe Gift Box

The Globe Gift Box features a small 2" painted terra cotta pot, available in a wide range of colors for personalization, and a 2.5” live succulent accompanied by a DIY planting kit. This kit ensures a hands-on experience, providing all necessary materials for planting, including succulent potting soil, decorative rock toppings, and comprehensive planting & care instructions.


Teachers Like You Gift Box

The Teachers Like You Gift Box is a heartfelt selection of items that express deep appreciation for educators. This box includes a laser-etched wooden greeting card, a painted terra cotta pot, and a DIY succulent planting kit.


Teacher of the Year Gift Box

Celebrate their dedication in a big way with the Teacher of the Year Gift Box. This premium box is filled with a laser-etched wooden greeting card, a painted terra cotta pot, and a DIY succulent planting kit.


Apples & Teachers Gift Box

The Apples & Teachers Gift Box is a thoughtful tribute to educators, featuring a small 2" painted terra cotta pot that can be personalized by choosing from a variety of colors.

Additionally, the gift box comes with a laser-engraved wooden gift card holder, enhancing its value as a memorable and unique gift. Note that the gift card itself is not included in the box.


Post-It Holder Gift Box

A standout feature of this gift box is the personalized, laser-engraved wooden post-it pad holder, designed to hold a standard size 3” x 3” pad, enhancing any desk or workspace. Note that post-it notes are not included. The wooden piece measures 5” x 4”.


$40 and Up: Premium Selections

Our premium selections for $40 and up offer luxurious tokens of appreciation that truly stand out. These gifts are designed to showcase the unique impact of a teacher, brighten their day, or encourage a moment of relaxation and self-care.


Peace Joy Success Gift Box

The Peace Joy Success Gift Box is a luxurious token of appreciation, filled with high-end items that symbolize well-being and achievement. This box includes gourmet chocolates, a premium journal, and an elegant pen, among other items, all curated to convey a message of peace, joy, and success.



Showcasing the unique impact of a teacher, the One-of-a-Kind gift is precisely what its name suggests. This features various gifts we’re certain your teacher will love. 


Box of Sunshine

Brighten their day with the Box of Sunshine, a cheerful selection of items designed to bring a smile to any teacher's face. This includes a vibrant stationery, a sunny desk accessory, and tasty treats, all packaged to deliver a burst of happiness. 



This selection features a spa kit, luxurious bath products, a soft robe, or a high-quality tea set, among other relaxing items. It's a thoughtful way to remind teachers to take time for themselves, promoting well-being and stress relief after long days of nurturing others.


Lavender Haze

The Lavender Haze gift includes lavender-scented candles, bath salts, and a plush eye pillow, creating a calming atmosphere for the teacher to unwind. It's a serene and thoughtful gift, perfect for teachers who deserve a peaceful retreat from their busy lives.


Make Your Gratitude Memorable with Thoughtful Gifts

A fun way to honor Teacher Appreciation Week is to find the perfect gift that caters to the interests of your favorite teacher.

Giving thoughtful and personalized gifts, such as creating a handwritten note or assembling a gift basket of their favorite school supplies, is one of the many ways to appreciate and value teachers' hard work throughout the school year.

As you consider these thoughtful teacher appreciation gift ideas, remember the impact that a well-chosen gift can have on an educator's day, week, and even entire year. Browse our selection today.