Desert Mojave Pot

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Create a miniature growing landscape with the small, textured Mojave Pot, featuring an organic design of desert scenery by artist Jessica Hiemstra. Add a drop-in plant, succulent, or cactus to create a lush, natural scene with bold, fresh color on your shelves. Arrange this chic indoor planter alongside the other two pot styles for a variety of landscapes.

Material:  Ceramic 

Pot Size: 3.75" 

Includes: (1) 2.5" Succulent 

Additional Info Below⬇️

  • This succulent pot is mailed as a DIY kit directly to your recipient. It includes the succulent(s) mentioned above, potting soil, decorative rock toppings (and/or mosses & stones) and planting & care instructions.
  • Please note that every succulent is unique and one of a kind.  You are not guaranteed to receive exactly what is pictured.  
  • Succulents are living plants and do require specific care.  We provide detailed care instructions with the purchase of every succulent.  Please let your recipient know to remove their succulents from the box as soon as they receive them, as the succulents should not sit in the boxes longer than need be. 🪴